Anti-Theft Software Upgrade

In response to increasing and persistent thefts targeting certain Hyundai vehicles without push-button ignitions and immobilizing anti-theft devices, Hyundai has introduced a free anti-theft software upgrade for affected customers.

All of the nearly 4 million vehicles involved are now eligible to receive the software upgrade.

Affected Vehicles

2018-2022 Accent

2011-2022 Elantra

2013-2020 Elantra GT

2013-2014 Genesis Coupe

2018-2022 Kona

2020-2021 Palisade

2013-2022 Santa Fe

2013-2018 Santa Fe Sport

2019 Santa Fe XL

2011-2019 Sonata

2011-2022 Tucson

2012-2017 & 2019-2021 Veloster

2020-2021 Venue

Solutions for Affected Customers

Hyundai is notifying affected customers of the software upgrade and facilitating the scheduling of installation appointments through a combination of direct mail, phone, targeted digital advertising and social media.  Our goal is to get every one of these vehicles into a dealership for the software upgrade.

For those customers who are having difficulty securing and sustaining auto insurance as a result of the criminal activity targeting Hyundai vehicles, we have collaborated with AAA insurers to offer insurance options in most states. Visit to receive a quote. Learn more.

If your Model Year 2011-2022 vehicle was not equipped with an engine immobilizer or if it is not eligible to receive the free anti-theft software upgrade, your Hyundai dealer will provide you with a FREE Steering Wheel Lock. Hyundai recommends contacting your Hyundai dealer in advance to ensure the Steering Wheel Lock is in inventory and available.  To find your nearest Hyundai dealer, visit and enter your zip code.

Hyundai is also making steering wheel locks available to affected customers through a reimbursement program or through distribution via hundreds of law enforcement agencies across the country. Engine immobilizers are now standard on all Hyundai vehicles produced as of November 2021.

Learn more about Hyundai's partnership with local communities here.

Securing Your Vehicle

The software upgrades certain Hyundai vehicles equipped with standard “turn-key-to-start” ignitions so they cannot be started without their keys when subjected to the popularized theft method. When exiting their vehicles, customers will need to lock their doors with their key fob in order to set the factory alarm and activate the software's “ignition kill” feature.

Learn more about vehicle theft prevention here.


Following historically low rates of theft among Hyundai vehicles, thefts began to spike in the summer 2022 in response to videos posted by car thieves on TikTok and other social media channels in what became known as the "Kia Challenge." In these videos, thieves documented and promoted a specific method by which to bypass the vehicles’ security features, dismantle their steering columns and create direct access to their ignitions and challenged others to copycat their crimes. Hyundai has worked with TikTok and others to have the illicit content removed, only to have the thieves continuously post new challenge videos.

Roughly 4 million Hyundai vehicles on the road in the U.S. today -- primarily “base trim” or entry-level models, which are not equipped with push-button ignitions and immobilizing anti-theft devices -- are or were susceptible to these social media-promoted thefts.  While these vehicles are fully compliant with federal anti-theft requirements, Hyundai has taken action to support the safety and security of its customers.